Mr. Daniel Koh

Bsc ( Hons) Social Science & Health (Health Psychology), Scotland, UK.Mphil (Psychology), Scotland, UK

Daniel is a Psychologist with many years of experience in mental health. He has worked extensively with children, adolescents and adults with psychological, psychiatric and behavioural issues. During his course of work, besides implementing individual or group sessions, Daniel also has worked with families in helping their loved ones as well as conducting couples therapy, family therapy and creative therapy for children

Besides conducting psychological interventions, Daniel writes for the Insights Mind Centre’s Newsletter, Publications relating to childhood and adolescents issue, conducting workshop / training for school, companies and members of the public. Daniel works with Psychiatrists in private practices in managing their clients. On top of these, Daniel conducts interviewed for major Newspapers and Magazines, sat in two magazines advisory panel and was interviewed for various TV programs.

Daniel has worked with two main hospitals in Singapore as a Psychologist and Head of Department and Program Head for a MHA project. While working in the hospitals, he has helped to set up psychological programs for children, preventive measures and rehabilitation for individual with mental health issue. Progarms involved including Stress Management, Anxiety Management, Weight Management, Assessments For Individual’s Need, Coping With Mental Issues, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Unit and other related fields.

Previously, Daniel was the Clinical Supervisor / Personal Therapist for students undergoing courses in counselling for private schools and previous taught psychology courses for private institutions. Daniel is a member of the Singapore Psychological Society, the British Psychological Society and Singapore Association For Counselling.


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